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We Believe In

We love keeping things Simple. We believe and practice this in our day to day business.

We Innovate Through

Delivering solutions that are creative are no longer optional. We live and breathe creativity.

We Deliver
Life Changing Solutions

We enjoy making software that impacts peoples lives positively. We love to help make life better and easier.

Our Customers

We value relationships, we create lasting partnerships by delivering nothing but the best.

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About Us
We are a team of passionate individuals who enjoy making technology that can make a difference in peoples lives.
We are currently developing innovative platforms and delivering cutting edge services. Our strength is our ability to scale up and deliver solutions for businesses.
The meaning of RIGPA

RIGPA means Intelligence and Awareness in Tibetan. We believe these are the basic ingredients for building any solution.

We are

A startup that delivers Products and Services

Our Vision

To become a brand that uses technology for curating innovations that touches peoples lives.



We are really passionate about building products that are innovative and connect with people. We are always open to making wild ideas come to life that will change life for the better.



We offer a wide range of services. We are open to hearing out our customers challenges and help them out in every possible way using technology as an enabler.



We think, therefore we exist. We offer innovation as a service and hope you reach out to us to address your challenges.

Our Products

We are passionate about creating products that make a positive impact in people’s lives … here are a few products that we have made that is changing the way the world works for the better …


Very often we need someone to talk to, late at night, while at work, at home, when we are in the middle of something. While we don’t always have the time to find professionally skilled people and meet them in person, we sure do need all the help! Amigo offers you the right person to talk about your problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. |


An AI Powered Machine Learning Platform that uses facial recognition. We can build several solutions over this platform. For more information visit